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Jeannette Rowe

Melbourne born Jeannette Rowe has been a best-selling author and illustrator for over 25 years. Prior to her life in children’s publishing, she worked as an art teacher and curriculum writer for the Victorian Education Department.

Jeannette’s passion for children’s literacy stems from this strong educational background. Her love of art and drawing has lead her to a successful career as a children’s book illustrator and writer. Jeannette’s books series include …

  • YoYo book series
  • Whose original Flip The Flap series
  • My Book series
  • Original Guess Who and What series
  • Baby Boo series
  • Dinosauritis series
  • Nursery Rhyme series
  • Baby Board series
  • New Guess Who and What series
  • I Spy series
  • Look and Find series
  • Little Fishy series
  • SmartyCat series
  • Giggle School series

Jeannette’s extensive publishing list demonstrates she has no shortage of ideas with…

  • Over 170 published book titles
  • Sales into 25 countries
  • Books in over 20 languages
  • More than 5 million sales worldwide
  • And many award winning book series

Jeannette is one of Australia’s best-selling
pre-school authors.

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